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Release Date: 29/01/2021

Cobalt Chapel release ‘Orange Synthetic’, the follow-up to their much lauded self-titled debut album and its companion piece ‘Variants’. ‘Orange Synthetic’ is an exploration of the epic county they call home, Yorkshire. Written during this tumultuous turn of the decade, it is inspired by the humanity, anecdotes and folklore of the region, and the surrounding landscape.

The album delves into stories which exist at the edge of history and myth: the drowning of a village under Lake Semerwater, the mystery of the lost geodesic domes of RAF Fylingdales, the fate of John Hotham of Hull, beheaded for treason during the English Civil War, a psychedelic folk song about an infamous Cragg Vale farmer killed in a fight over a flock of sheep, the cry of Skylarks over Erringden Moor.

The album’s name stems from a line in the title track, telling the story of the fateful Yorkshire Folk, Blues & Jazz Festival in Krumlin, fifty years ago. Hit by a violent storm, it resulted in the devastation of the site, near-deaths from exposure and the promoter being found wandering the moors, days later.

Cobalt Chapel’s atmospheric style remains distinctively their own, through Cecilia Fage’s crisp English vocals and choral arrangements, and Jarrod Gosling’s use of organs such as the Vox Continental, Philicorda, and the USSR-era Elektronika Organ. These are the foundations of their rich, experimental yet melodic sound, and this album sees them expand on it with the addition of mandolin, guitars, and drawing on Cecilia’s classical background, with clarinets and recorders.

“‘Orange Synthetic’ is music grounded in the Yorkshire earth: its people, the surrounding nature, landscape, and its mythology, from the distant past to modern life. The story of the Krumlin Festival captures something about this island in its disaster – how you can start out with a dream and end up wrapped in a survival blanket, suffering from exposure, on a wild, beautiful, unforgiving Pennine hillside. It’s an image which reflects the lost, end-of-days feeling of where we’re at now.”

1. In Company
2. The Sequel
3. Message To
4. A Father's Lament
5. Our Angel Polygon
6. Cry A Spiral
7. It's The End, The End
8. Pretty Mire, Be My Friend
9. E.B.
10. Orange Synthetic

In Company 4:27 Bundle Only
The Sequel 3:49 Bundle Only
Message To 3:18 Bundle Only
A Father's Lament 3:41 Bundle Only
Our Angel Polygon 4:32 Bundle Only
Cry A Spiral 4:53 Bundle Only
It's The End, The End 5:26 Bundle Only
Pretty Mire, Be My Friend 4:04 Bundle Only
E.B. 2:15 Bundle Only
Orange Synthetic 6:21 Bundle Only